Venture 4x4

Air conditioning

Is your Air Conditioning not as good as it used to be, does it smell after you've used it, has it stopped working completely?

We offer a Re-gas with our fully automatic machine from just £49.50 inc. VAT.

Anti-bacterial treatment to stop smells & kill bacteria within your vehicles heating system £10 inc. VAT.

Pollen filter replacement from just £22 inc. VAT (Please note prices are based on vehicle model so vary between all marques) This can also be included with a vehicle service usually at a reduced price.

Leak testing either using an ultra violet dye or Oxygen free nitrogen, fault finding & component replacement all available.

It is recommended by the majority of vehicle manufacturers that your AC system is serviced every 2 years.

The most common reason for your AC system not working is lack of refrigerant either through normal use (they lose between 10 & 25% of the refrigerant per year) or a larger leak i.e damaged component.